Studio Web and local file


I am trying to make a process that go on a web site, download a file and then upload it to a bucket.

I have found that the download folder is “/tmp/home/Download” by taking control of the debug stream.

I am stuck with a property incompatibility… I tried different activity and different expression, but I always get this error…

I have been able to create a file and then upload it, but not to use the downloaded file.

I have read this thread : serverless-cloud-robot-downloaded-filepath/468642/3
But no solution…

See screenshots:

Hi @poaudet

Try the Path Exists activity on your path to the file. It will return the IResource property type that works well within Studio Web.

Thank you for your fast reply!
It works! But I had to had “.ToLocalResource” after the use of the output in the expression builder

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