Studio T for Test Automation Beta Testing?

Wondering if anyone here saw the demo of Studio T for test automation at Forward III this week. I saw the demo but was hoping to get access to the Beta release through the Insider Preview Portal. Unfortunately cannot find anything there on it yet. Anyone here know more?

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I saw the demo too and I cant wait to start using it! If I find a way to get access I’ll reply to this post.

I think studio T isn’t available now .
It’s coming soon in 2020.
Correct me if I am wrong

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@sandeep13 hey bro… what is Studio T about? I never came across this before…

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Hello @Lahiru.Fernando
Studio T specially For Tester to do Automation. it is UiPath’s testing product


Wow… that’s awesome… this is the first time I heard of this… Thanks a lot for sharing bro… I will read about it and get more understanding…

Thanks again!! :slight_smile:


Welcome bro


From where i can see the demo of studio T?

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Most probably feb -march 2020


Okay Thanks

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Hi UiPathers,

Do you have any news about Studio T? Is there any available free version?

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Yes…Awaiting Studio T.
Have seen StudioX but not “T”

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Hi everyone,

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-I am on a insider feed. But haven’t seen it. They even didn’t show it on January webinar. How you have seen it demoed?

-If anyone can provide any information regarding I would appreciate it.