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This is Studio question.
I have read an Excel into a datatable.
Added Assign activity with value OutputDT.Select(“Price>20”)
It shows an error for String to Int conversion.
I understand that the Price in datatable is in String format. How do I convert Price into integer in the query ? CInt does not work.

Thank you.


Try ,"Price=‘20’ ")

In Case if you have to pass the variable ,“Price='”+Variable.tostring+“'”)


@Krishna_547 thank you. I see you made it string ("Price=‘20’). Can this be used to get all the items where price is greater than 20. Shouldn’t it be an integer ?

Hi ,

If it is with integer , try using Filter Data table activity with condition as shown below


@Krishna_547 I’m trying to use LINQ so want to avoid as much activity as possible.

@Prinal_C , i have suggested a simple one but anyway here is your solution in LINQ

OutputDT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) CInt(r(“Price”).ToString) > 20).CopyToDataTable

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Hi @Prinal_C

Hope this would help you resolve this

OutputDT = OutputDT.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(a) Convert.ToInt32(a.Field(of string)(“Price”))>20).CopyToDataTable


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Thank you @Palaniyappan and @Krishna_547 … it worked.

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