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Hello all!

I am using a library web service to call a SOAP API. In one of the resulting activities I need to input variable-couplets in the form of structure data variable type.

When executing the same API-call in postman, I would use:

I am, however, unable to find the correct format in uipath. Any suggestions?

I have tried:
myStruct = {“myFieldString”; “myValueString”}
myStruct = {myFieldString; myValueString}
myStruct = {field: “myFieldString”, value: “myValueString”}
myStruct = {field: “myFieldString”; value: “myValueString”}
None of which work.

Store your values into a variable and pass it into [myField].

[+myValueString+] [+myValueString1+]

Srenivasan Kannan

Thank you for your reply!

I am not sure I fully understand. I have created a variable: value = “close”. how exactly do I pass it into myField? And how do I assign these two to myStruct?


can you send me the screenshot of your query.

So my problem lies in passing field and stat into the ValuePairStruct variable statusStruct.

IT must have been an error or a bug, because now it works as expected again. That is I am alowed to write myStruct.field = myFieldString and myStruct.value = myValueString.

Thanks anyway

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