Please help me out this.

Activities – String

  1. Compare String
  2. Concat String
  3. Contains String
  4. Is Empty String
  5. Is Equal String
  6. Replace
  7. Split String
  8. String Length
  9. Starts with String
  10. To Lower Case
  11. To String
  12. To Upper Case
  13. Trim
  14. Index of a string
  15. Trim
  16. Convert (Observe the difference between. To String and Convert.To String)

Where could I learn more about strings related use cases?

Thanks in advance



There is not much difference and you can apply these methods to any String like other programming languages like Java.

@lakshman thanks for your reply.

Frankly speaking I don’t anything about java and other languages. I am new learner to this Uipath.

Sorry for asking again could you please elaborate above String activities.


Start here

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Please find the below threads:

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