String type JSON formate getting value while providing key

I have requirement that from my java code returning string type JSON format to UIPATH variable then how can i extract value while providing key.

return this type of string from Java to UIpath variable
{“address” : “ABCD”, “city” : “AAAA”, “state” : “AD”, “pin” : “12345” }

Using uipath code how can i get value while providing key.


you can convert the String again to JSON using jsonConverter provided by UiPath.WebAPI.Activities. And you can achieve what you are expecting.

thanks @Rahul24293

i am new in uipath can you provide me an sample code for that with each steps.

Hi @pankajs3,

I have attached a sample json file and the xaml code. Please have look into it to get a better idea.

I have used the JSON Present in Below URL.

ShivaKarthik_Test.xaml (5.2 KB)

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Thanks @Shiva_Karthik
It’s working

Hey I ma sorry i didn’t saw your message hope your issue has been resolved by Shiva

thanks @Rahul24293 for your reply.
yes my issue has been resolved by Shiva