String to Int32 array conversion

Hi, i’m new in uipath and i have this case:

I have this String: “17 45 65 2 7 8 4” and i need convert this to an Int32 array {17,45,65,2,7,8,4}; (include the colon). Please help me.

Hi @Hector_Silva,

Try this code

arrInt = Array.ConvertAll(“17 45 65 2 7 8 4”.Split(" "c),AddressOf Integer.Parse)

Thks my friend. It work perfect!!!

Oh, excuse me again, now my problem is convert the Int32 array to String.

Exaple: {17,45,65,2,7,8,4} to “17,45,65,2,7,8,4”

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