String to decimal

How to convert string value 32 into decimal value 32.00 in uipath?

A decimal value is a floating point datatype, for example a double.
you can cast it to a double using cdouble(yourvalue) or double.parse(yourvalue) to make it a number with decimal precision.


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You can write as below

DoubleVariable = Cdbl(“32”)

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Var_Double is datatype of double


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Please use as in the below.

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Everyone is correct that you need to convert it to Double. The easiest way is…

myDbl = CDbl(myStr)

However, since Double is an actual numeric datatype, it does not have a format, it stores a value. To see that value, you output it as a string again like this: myDblVar.ToString

But again, that won’t give you the decimal places because they are unnecessary. 32.00 is the value 32. To get the decimal places you have to tell the ToString to do that.




There are other options besides F2, of course…