String.Split separator won't work with string, only char

I’m using an assign activity to assign a portion of a long sentence into an array using the split method. I changed the method to accept parameters of “String” Type instead of char, but when I am finished typing it all out, it says that I can’t convert “char” type into “String”. I keep changing it to string, but it switches back to char. I don’t know what’s going on with it, but I’m just trying to get a portion of this long sentence, that could be variable length, so I can’t use Substring. Why isn’t it taking my string? Is there something else I can do?

Fine @Heathersmithx
Instead of mentioning like this
yourstring.Split("your character"C, Stringsplitoptions.none)

We can mention like this that would automatically tale the string as a character and vice versa
Like this
Split(“your string”,“your character”)

This would for sure buddy
Kindly try this and let know if you face ant issue



Could you please show me some sample text And how are trying to split it.

You can split a string by following way.

String Str = “Robotics Process Automation”

Str.Split(" ".TocharArray)(0) - Robotics

Str.Split(" ".TocharArray)(1) - process

Str.Split(" ".TocharArray)(2) - Automation

Here, I took space as delimiter to split string and will give result as Array of String.

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The difference is the way the string class called and its method split been used…
Cheers @Heathersmithx

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