String not recognized as a valid date

Hi All,

one of my process is suddenly started failing throwing below log error.

how to solve this issue

kindly help

Can u show the date and activity used to convert the string to date

Also did u retrived the date from excel? @Rakesh_Tiwari


it was working fine earlier, not now showing issue.

what is IO_dictNAVPOData(“NNE-ReqRecptDate”)
is it the queue item?

no, it is not a queue item.

it is a purchase order form which reads as a dictionary and this “ReqRecptDate” is one of the column in Dynamics application, which reads as string and put in excel purchase order form.

I think u need to provide the input date format to


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where do i need to change in code, can you help me with that?

it is in production so i am little nervous untill unless i am very sure.

I will give u an example

lets say date in format

d1 = 27/03/2020

u need to convert to dd.MM.yyyy

So do the following

d2 = DateTime.ParseExact(d1.ToString,“dd/MM/yyyy”,System.Globalization.InvariantCulture.Cultureinfo).ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)

where d2 is in string with date format of dd.MM.yyyy

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This is assigned to image

now you mean to say i need to change here
image with your solution.
now what will be d1 in my case, is it image cultDKCulture?

Also suppose it is 17/02/2021 it should come like 17-Feb-2021

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

U can try like this

DateTime.ParseExact(IO_dictNAVPOData(“NNE-ReqRecptDate”), “dd/MM/yyyy”,cultDKCulture).ToString(“dd-MMM-yyyy”)

Try this


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like this you want me to try?

or only
DateTime.ParseExact(IO_dictNAVPOData(“NNE-ReqRecptDate”), “dd/MM/yyyy”,cultDKCulture).ToString(“dd-MMM-yyyy”)

Yes @Rakesh_Tiwar

ok, sure

why it is coming like that, when it is already declared?
scope is also correct, that is workflow

@NIVED_NAMBIAR , can you please see my error?

why it is coming.

U can u directly write the values in the code itself that value of cultDKCulture @Rakesh_Tiwari


instead of cultDKCulture can u try with this




changed the variable to string, and then error gone, is it ok?

trying to run, then let you know,

also like to let yyou know i commented below activity
image is it ok na?

now below code has got some error.