String Manipulation-Split

I am new to uipath.
I want to read data from text file and writing into excel.
I want to fetch every 7 string and write as 1 row in excel.and it iterating through the all the data from text file and write in text file.
Text.txt (188 Bytes) Data.xlsx (9.5 KB)

The Actual Text in 3 lines are default ?

200 lines of data in the text file.

Text.txt (188 Bytes) Text to Excel.xaml (10.8 KB)

Try this


Add data row is showing error.

Can you share Screenshot

Can you check Once by printing the Data in Write line for Each Add data row.

Yes it’s printing values but writing date only. after getting error index was outside of the array.

Can you Try with one if Condition before Add data row .
if(count+7 <arr.length)

It’s not printing any data in write line

Hi ,

The Array had some Empty Entries.

Text to Excel.xaml (11.1 KB) Text.txt (188 Bytes)


Thank You It’s working.

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