String Manipulation for PDF

Can anyone tell me how to do string manipulation for this.

I want
Arun sundaram,
Mail id,
Phone Number,
Invoice Number: 101,
Invoice Date:February,27,2019
Payment Due:February 28,2019
Items: Report Generation Software

Use regex to get the values. IsMatch and Matches activities.

Can you give one example for that?

Below are the regex patterns for some of the values you are trying to retrieve
To retrieve ARUN SUNDARAM, use (?<=BILL TO: ).*?(?= \d+)
To retrieve mail id, use (\w+@\w+.\w+)
Phone number, use \d{10}
Invoice Number, use (?<=INVOICE NUMBER: )\d+

Below are the references to know about IsMatch and Matches activities-

Hope this is helpful!


Thank You. Its working.

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