String is null ,empty and zero

Hi All,
I have an value in string ,and i want to check it is null, empty or zero.
so,when string is null or empty that time I use string.IsNullorEmpty(Variablename)
but, for zero checking I am getting error.
kindly, suggest me



String.Isnullorempty method will check only for null value or empty
while zero is different from null
for zero it should be like

Cheers @Meenakshi6246

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for zero its not working

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Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification or
if we want both together to be validated
string.IsNullorEmpty(yourvariable) or yourvariable.ToString.Equals(“0”)

Cheers @Meenakshi6246


@Meenakshi6246 You can check two coditions string.IsNullorEmpty(Variablename) or Variablename.ToString=“0”

did that work buddy
Cheers @Meenakshi6246

Thank you

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Cheers @Meenakshi6246

To check null in JavaScript, use triple equals operator(===) or method. To find the difference between null and undefined, use the triple equality operator or method.

To loosely check if the variable is null, use a double equality operator(==). The double equality operator can not tell the difference between null and undefined, so it counts as same. So if you want to strict check, then don’t use a double equality operator. It will lead to misconclusion.

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