String format is not working

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I am using string.format but it is not working. Does someone know what is causing that string.format is not working?


Hi @Angel_Llull
could you please elaborate more

Hello @Angel_Llull ,

Can you please elaborate on the issue ? What are you trying to achieve through string.Format?


i am trying to fill the {} with variables. i read from txt → var called mail, and then i have 4 variables so i can fill {0} {1} {2}{3}

write text act: string.Format(mail, var1,var2,var3,var4)

I want to write a html file.

But appears an error: Write Text File: Input string was not in a correct format.

Curl brackets have a special meaning with String.Format(). To get literal curl brackets you need to escape them as {{ and }}.



should be

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@Angel_Llull Refer this post

Hi @Angel_Llull

kindly Refer this link for detailed explanation

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