Storing Datarow value in String Variable?

I am using multiple excel files and checking data dynamically so sometimes i need data from datatable and check condition with string variable so there is a issue. When i used writeline(Activity) the output i Got is System.Data.Datarow[] which is the data type but expected output is String value.

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I think this may help you:

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@bcarp how we can store datarow results in variable?, with logmessage and writeline working fine

HI @Shivaramthorn

Kindly proceed with this, this can be sorted out very easily,

1.Lets take you have a datatable obtained from excel named out_dt use a for each row loop to iterate through this datatable with one by one datarow
3.Inside the for each row loop use a assign activity with variable to store the value from datatable like
string_value = row(ColumnIndex).Tostring
string_value = row(“ColumnName”).Tostring
4.Thats all you are all done

Or to get each each Datarow as a Array then
Inside the for each row use a if condition like this

Hope this would help you



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