Startup screen in Studio - Release Notes

I’m wondering if we could create a startup screen in Studio where if an internet connection was available, we could load information about upcoming releases, promote the academy, show recently used files, perhaps even show information about orchestrator status/usage, licensing, upcoming events, press releases… the possibilities are endless and could evolve over time.

Attached is a poor image of a startup screen from another software platform. You can’t read much from the widgets, but you may be able to get the idea of having widgets that can show the user different collections of information.



Yes. Will be prioritized. Our model is Visual Studio.


  • Forum - Announcements
  • Release Notes
  • Video Tutorials
  • Forum - Latest

What do you think?


More modern for sure, the pic I uploaded is very 2000’s.

Personaly I think the VS look & feel is a little unimaginative. I think there is opportunity to give it a UX treatment that is a little more inspired. I could imagine a carousel with new training/conference/etc. videos or other slightly more interactive design elements. Nothing too fancy, but we essentially have a captive audience to communicate to, so using the startup screen as more of a communication platform rather than a series of quick links could be very powerful.

Videos I’d personally say No, unless you’re going to host them yourselves. I don’t want to explain to SecOps why our prod environment (because sometimes you need to debug directly on prod, unfortunately) started polling youtube servers.

Forum-Latest I don’t think would bring value. Announcements - yes. Maybe hot topics (pre-filtered so that UiPath Graduate topic isn’t always #1)?

For all things in the startup screen, please consider that EE is generally run in closed-off environments and some firewalls will just drop packets instead of rejecting them (startup time matters :slight_smile: ).
CE I think could be more free for that, but that would require a feature flag (which you probably already have, but hey).


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