Start Process error while open a image

I just want to open a image by using Start process activity…
It will open the correct image but its shows error message like this…

Anyone can Know what is the error in my workflow…

Poovarasan Guna

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Hello @Poovarasan2,

Can you try InvokePowerShell activity?




Hi @Poovarasan2,

With Start Process acticity…




In addition of what Susana said you can also open it in IE using the path as argument.


The benefit you can get out of it is that it is not anymore dependent on the default program to open the picture.
Image inside IE are easier to spy if you want to proceed with some OCR with clipping region on it afterward.

From picture viewer

From IE




appreciate @Florent_Salendres and @Susana efforts.

With explorer.exe will be much feasible in case of default image viewer software setting on each system.
explorer will open the image with default set image viewer program as per my knowledge. have to again recheck but assuming what it is :slight_smile:

Command-line explorer “<PATH>” will open the file path with Windows default associated programs. This will also handle all URIs ( http:,https:,ftp: ) and other file protocols defined in Windows Operating System. If the file or protocol is not associated with any program then an Open With dialog will show up. If file is not present then default My Documents folder will open up. It can also open executable files ( EXE, BAT files) and shell namespace paths.



IE will be relevant only if you want to do more advance operation such as setting an accurate zoom level (ex 85%) and as you can see on the screenshots from my previous post you can attach to the element representing its real size. Picture viewer (at least for windows7) as a quite tedious way to set the zoom level and allow you only to attach to the the canvas container.

The start process logic can be also extended to other programs (ADOBE, OIS.exe…) that you can use having the path as argument.

But it is agreed that if you just want to simply open the file itself, just using explorer.exe or powershell is quite fine.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Agree… Just my point was with explorer default associated program will open the file for more user intractivity :innocent:. There are many more ways exists by directly run photoviewr.dll with rundle32 utility as well so it depends :wink:

As Sir Denton Says


Haha sir richard @richarddenton
I have to admit his words :wink: well one more point was with that… Depends on file associated type explorer will open that file with suitable application and if still no prgoram will find a pop up will occure :wink:

Really appreciate ur work and knoeledge :ok_hand:

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Tq for ur answer…I got it