Sql query to delete the excel sheet data

remove datarow just deletes a row from a datatable (which is stored in memory).
I don’t understand why this would helping you in cleaning data from your excel sheet

fine i though INSERT/DELETE activity
if its remove datarow, it wil delete single row at a time, which would be slower
so i would suggest to go INSERT/DELETE activity that would delete the whole excel with number of records we mention
Cheers @balkishan

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2 should be set in rowindex not in row

This method already applied bro, since it’s not working.
This activity work only inside the Excel Scope.

I have used Excel as a Database.

if our intention is to remove all the records in the existing excel unless we use any query to do that , i hope we dont need execute query here as of now.
we can use INSERT/DELETE activity and ofcourse inside application scope

Kindly correct me if i m wrong with the question
may be it could be possible with some other method but this came to mind suddenly when thinking of deleting all the records in the existing excel to retain the same template
Cheers @balkishan

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Bro, This method I already used as you suggest me in the earlier post. But not resolve the issue. It’s not deleting any records from the excel.

Fine can i have a view on the property panel of the INSERT/DELETE activity
Cheers @balkishan

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Are you there @Palaniyappan

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yah there buddy
i still wonder y so
kindly share the whole project in a zipped folder if possible
lets see
if not we can go remove datarow
Cheers @balkishan

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First I fed up this new updated version. It’s not showing any error popup message what is the exact error is.
If I see in the Right side it show me the two error of One Activity. What I understood from this error.

Previously what happened if we’re running in the Debug mode by pressing the f7 and run the each activity by pressing the f11.
Now they changed the debug mode key from f7 to f6.

Now the error is on the Insert/Delete Rows Activity when I press the f11 not giving any response. Suppose it should display that Error Message.

Hi @Palaniyappan As I checked this, It’s working for small data contain excel. Not huge. That I told you I have huge data I that excel is Macro Enable. There it’s not working. Not removing even single row.

See I have how many rows.
Once I come to this Activity, My machine processor speed high and the FAN speed is increasing with giving sound. And the system got hanged.

For small excel data it’s working that you give me the logic but not for this bro, for Macro Enable Excel.

Note:- This activity just seeing it’s Executing but not doing anything.

Can we try with DataRow Bro ?

I have seen the many solution to remove the complete data from the sheet. But didn’t get the best solution.

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Sorry for the delayed response
Was in a meeting that’s why
Hmm fine
lets do one thing
one steps we can use CLEAR DATATABLE activity which will remove all the data in the datatble except the header

Cheers @balkishan

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I have to remove Headers also bro. Then How to remove the headers.

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then rather to delete that excel we can create a new file itself right
Cheers @balkishan

If we Delete and Re-Create the Excel it will change the Order. I have more than 20 sheets in One Excel File.
So I want to clear the complete data from the Existing sheet then copy the New data inside it.

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so you want to delete only the data of one sheet and let the remaining as it is
then in that case while reading with READ RANGE uncheck ADD HEADERS and get the datatable
and while writing uncheck ADD HEADERS

fine may i know what was the issue

Cheers @balkishan

will this Clear the data from the Sheet