Excel copy data query

Hi, I want to ask you suppose, I already have data in the Excel file sheet1 and this is my destination file.
I want to copy the data in the destination file in Sheet1 but I want to remove the old data paste the new. How can I do this.

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–before pasting the new data use a activity called INSERT/DELETE activity
–so first get the datatable from that excel with a variable named dt
–now in INSERT/DELETE activity for no.of rows mention as dt.rows.count+1 and position as 2 and choose option delete
–this will delete all the already existing rows
–now we can enter the new data using write range
–all within a excel application scope

Cheers @balkishan

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kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @balkishan

Not deleting even single rows…and it’s show in the result tab is Executing, I observed it 3 min finally I terminate the process.


My sheets has around 14K rows of data.
I want to delete the whole data from the sheet

These two steps I can do later first I want to clean the data from the sheet so that I can copy the new data.

This activity is not deleting anything from the existing data.