SQL Passing Parameters execute query

Could someone clarify how the passing of parameters in execute query works? I understand that you can call the parameters using “?” however you have to keep your parameters in the correct order. I have tried the “@” symbol as well.

Here is an example:

“SELECT a.col1, a.col2
FROM table a
WHERE a.col3 = @acctName

Name: acctName
Direction: In
Type: String
Value: someString

where someSting = “String”

However, I either get back errors when I do this @acctName, or an empty table if I do this ‘@acctName


  1. Hope you have used EXECUTE QUERY and not EXECUTE NON-QUERY activity, then the below query would return a data table as output.
    “select a.L_Name, a.F_Name from Employees_data a WHERE a.Id = @Id

  2. use the for each row to iterate through the table.

The above query i tried and worked for me .
let me know if that worked

Hey @ashley11 ,

I tried that method of running the query, but unfortunately it was not successful. The details of that were explained above. The error referenced is an ORA-00936 missing expression error.

I could find these links which might be of help to you

hope this would help you

I have read through these, but am not seeing a correlation. Do you see anything in the code referenced above that you think could be causing this issue?

what i feel after going through those links is the query requires proper formatting try this once

“SELECT a.col1, a.col2”+System.Environment.NewLine+“FROM table a”+System.Environment.NewLine+“WHERE a.col3 = @acctName” instead of

“SELECT a.col1, a.col2
FROM table a
WHERE a.col3 = @acctName

The goal is to not have to re-write the code to make it one solid string, but instead to be able to call the parameter in the current code.

I tried the above suggestion, and it also appears to not be working.

Where you able to solve this issue. I too am facing a similr issue.
If I pass hard coded values in my filtering condition, the execute query activity provides expected number of rows in return. But if I pass the same filtering conditions through parameters, the execute query activity provides zero rows. Not sure where the issue is.

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What I ended up doing was adding the parameters in order that they appear in the code, and for every parameter in the code I replaced with a ?