SQL Database outputs 2 table in 1 Query

Hi All,

I am automating an SQL database connection. The query outputs 2 tables.
When I execute the query through UiPath, I am getting only the 1st table in OutputVariable(datatable).
How to get both the Tables separately. Please advise. Thank You!

Attached pic for reference

hi @Reshma

Can I take a look at the query and how are you assigning it in UiPath?


I am not supposed to share the query. I am using Execute query , and passing the query as Text.

This activity basically throws the output in a single Data-table!!!

So I will suggest that you will require to split it into two queries!!!

This can be viewed from the properties tab :slight_smile:

Thank You.:slight_smile:
But the Clients is not agreeing to edit the already working query.
Let see if someone from UiPath team suggests a different work around.

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