Split text from the image


How to show image text into separate output using : (colon) as a separator
as attached image above i want Name and ABC as a separate output.
I converted that image into text but i want that separate output as above mentioned.
Thanks in advance

@abhay Read the text file, split with respect to new line, then u will get each line separately, split each line with respect to “:” then u will get Name and ABC separately likewise it repeat for all lines.

@Manjuts90 how can i split with respect to new line?



where usStringvariable is a string variable, which is the output of read text file activity.


in other way u can store lines in array from text file using directly.

File.ReadAllLines(“ur file path”)
it will give array of lines as output.

@abhay check attached zip file meets your requriement

SplitTxt.zip (1.9 KB)

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@Manjuts90 this give me error


it is not spaces, it is entries. After dot u will get that option check it once.


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thanks @Manjuts90 got it…:+1:
RemoveEmptyEntries work instead of RemoveEmptySpace

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@Manjuts90 @indra Now i want to write csv in that csv column name should be Name Add Phn and Gender and their data should be ABC PQR 123 Male

thank you @indra

@abhay After splitting each line with respect to “:” add arr(0) as column name and arr(1) to collection at the end of for u can use add data row activity for writing row to datatatable and later u can write datatable to csv or excel.

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thank you @Manjuts90 its work perfectly now

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