Split column excel file in UiPath

I came across the forum about similar topics, but I could not find a complete answer to my question. I have an Excel table as follows:

username point
A 5
A 5
A 2
B 3
B 2
B 4

and I want to separate the data by username as follows:

username point username point
A 5 B 3
A 5 B 2
A 2 B 4

I’d really appreciate your help if you could provide me with an approach or some example of this being completed.

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Hi @Lam_Ha

Welcome to uipath community

we can use filter datatable activity to get the datatable with the filtered data

mention the input datatable name
and mention the output datatable name and in condition mention the columns like this
"username" = "A"
like wise use
"username" = "B"

Cheers @Lam_Ha

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thanks @Palaniyappan

did that work buddy
Any issues still
Cheers @Lam_Ha

Hi @Palaniyappan
I tried it that way, and this is my result.Filter_Data_Table.zip (24.0 KB)
can you give me advice?
thanks @Palaniyappan

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filter.xaml (4.5 KB)

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thanks @venkat4u
It helped me a lot!

please make that as solution for your query.

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