Specified logon session does not exist


I have a scheduled jobs in orchestrator. Most of the time they just run fine but sometimes the jobbis faulted and error is :

A specified logon session does not exist

Please help


Kindy check below points

  • Check if the Robot machine has enough resources (CPU, Memory).
  • Check the connection time using the mstsc command-line function. If the 60 seconds timeout period expires, the error is displayed.


Reboot the server the job is trying to run on. And don’t remote into those servers. If you do, make sure to SIGN OUT, not just close the RDP window.

This link says if rdp to machine is done with different id then issue can happen.

But ideally if machine is busy then the job ahould go in pending and not give this error?

It doesn’t see the machine as busy if a person is logged into it, only if a Job is running on it. People shouldn’t be logging into your automation servers. If they do, they must SIGN OUT - not just close the RDP window.

Remote into the machine, using the same user as your automation, then SIGN OUT. Now run your automation.