Specific Strings related to the selected quarter


I would like to create 2 different strings out of a specific quarter.
By example if I take the current quarter (which is the 3rd quarter of 2020) I want to write in a Type Into Activity “Q3-2020”, but in another Type Activity I want to write “Extract Q3 2020”.

Thank you for your help, it would really help me out :slight_smile:

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You can get the quarter number like this:
Dim quarter As Integer = (someDate.Month - 1) \ 3 + 1


Hi bcorrea,

Can you be a little bit more specific, I do not understand, I am sorry

Thank you


In your type into activity, write as follow:

String.Format("Q{0}-{1}", ((Date.Today.Month - 1) \ 3 + 1), Date.Today.Year)
and the other one:
String.Format("Extract Q{0}-{1}", ((Date.Today.Month - 1) \ 3 + 1), Date.Today.Year)
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Thank you really much bcorrea it works now :slight_smile:
If I want to add a AddMonths formula or something like that (to get next quarter in 3 months) where do I put it?


I would create a integer variable called MyQuarter and assign like this:
varThisQuarter = (Date.Today.Month - 1) \ 3 + 1
varNextQuarter = varThisQuarter + 1
varNextMonthQuarter = ((Date.Today.AddMonths(1).Month) - 1) \ 3 + 1


Wow thank you really much Bruno :slight_smile:
Have a nice day

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