Specific row count need to calculate and paste in another report

Hello Community,

I have an output excel sheet which will get the process output details.

In those details i need to get the count of L comun P,NP,I as showing in the screen shot

i.e how many P,NP,I are there in the L column

Those details(count) need to paste in another sheet.

Can you please suggest the flow how to get those count in another sheet


Hello @chaitanyaKumar

You can use the excpression as below to get the count.

(From d in dtKeys.AsEnumerable
let cnt = dtData.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (x) x(“ColumnName”).toString.Trim.Equals(d(0).toString.Trim)).Count
let ra = new Object(){d(0), cnt}
Select dtReport.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable

ColumnName is the column name.

you can refer to below post.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

First of all, read the excel as a datatable(dt).Then you can filter the cells you want to write to excel as follows.

dt.Select("[ColumnName] = ‘NP’").Count.ToString
dt.Select("[ColumnName] = ‘P’").Count.ToString
dt.Select("[ColumnName] = ‘I’").Count.ToString


try this
d.xaml (19.9 KB)
case_Details.xlsx (12.2 KB)
Total_Cases.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Hi Jack,

I am facing this error.

update your uipath.excel.activities to latest version

Hi Jack,

I run your xaml, but it not taking any data. but the process is completed and it shows the excel time as run time. but no data is updated in excel.


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