Special character comparison error

Is it possible to enable special symbols that are not recognized when comparing special characters (Equals or Contains)?

Special symbols as shown below

:heart: <==

This is a special symbol that is different from the hearts such as :heart:, :heart:, etc. used in Windows.
Even in Excel, if you try a function like find(), the result will be an error.

특수문자 비교시(Equals 또는 Contains) 인식하지 특수기호를 가능하도록 할 수 있나요?

아래와 같은 특수기호


이것은 윈도우에서 사용하는 :heart:, :heart: 등과 같은 하트와는 다른 특수기호입니다.
엑셀에서도 find()와 같은 함수로 시도를 하면 결과가 에러로 나옵니다.

The best way to achieve this would be use the emoji itself in your pattern.

Oh…Is there a regular expression to remove emojis?
Could you please let me know?

For example, let’s consider the string: UiPath :heart:

If you want to consider it, use the pattern: [\w]+\s*:heart: → could be any emoji/character.

To discard it, just skip the emoji in your pattern: [\w]+\s*


Is there a solution for the above case as well?

The visible letter is [️O, but
If you click the cursor in front of the symbol [, you will see a ㅁ symbol that seems to indicate Unicode.

When you use the keyboard to move the cursor from left to right, you must press it twice to move it.
There seems to be hidden text.

Running result: 2

The regular expression to remove emojis is as follows: