Space key between variables (type into activity)


How can i use the "space"key between these two varaibles

just add + " " + in the middle for space

I try but when I do that he’s writing the second variable below the first one (kind of enter he does)

Whatever you’re typing the text into is probably word wrapping. This isn’t a UiPath issue. + " " + is the correct way to add a space between variables, or anything else.

Can you create another variable(vaarible1) and assign ienStraat(0).value+" "+ienHuisnummer(0).value

and use variable1 in type into

The most you can try is trimming the string.
ienStraat(0).value.tostring.trim+" "+ienHuisnummer(0).value.tostring.trim

Otherwise it’s probably word wrapping as @postwick mentioned.

The & Operator is defined only for String operands, and it always widens its operands to String , regardless of the setting of Option Strict . The & operator is recommended for string concatenation because it is defined exclusively for strings and reduces your chances of generating an unintended conversion.

Docu & Operator

it can be done as mentioned:
var1 & " " & var2
or via String Format
String.Format("{0} {1}",var1, var2)

feel free to enhance, cleansing up your variables before or while using it