Sorting of excel file which doesn't have table name

Hi All,
There a scenario, Where we want to read an excel file and sort that based on some column/Field in ascending /descending form and get the updated Excel table.

Since , To sort the excel file we use the sort Excel activity but the input/src excel must have table name defiled on it. as below:

But in our scenario, We are reading the Excel file dynamically and table is not defined on it.

How to accomplish this?

We want to read and update the same excel with sorted data.

dtExcel.DefaultView.Sort = "colname ASC"
dtExcel = dtExcel.DefaultView.ToTable()

How can I add a column without a TableName?

Hi Leia,

If you are asking how to add a new column to an existing excel file, you could use datatables → Add data column. Here is an example : add_column.xaml (9.1 KB)

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what should i do with this commands where do i put this?