Sort list of integers

hey how to sort a list of integers [10,50,30,70,5] in ascending order

give a try on:
using an assign activity with the statement: yourintlistvar.OrderBy(Function (i) i).ToList


Create one list variable if type interger and say intergerList and then use sort method to sort it.

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kindly note sort() is a sub so it is to use along with an invoke method activity

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No working… getting an error “Method Not Allowed”

Do the Sort in advance and Then use the sorted list in the for each

We can use a assign activity like this
Listvariable = Listvariable.OrderBy(Function(x) x).ToList()

Cheers @Vinisha

Also, try changing List1 to an Array of Int32 instead of a List. Unless you plan to remove and add to the list during the process, you should use an Array anyway in my opinion.

can you share the xaml file?

Here you go: sortList.xaml (7.1 KB)

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