Sort Datatable with Multiple columns (Custom Filter in excel)


I/m not sure if I am creating a duplicate thread, if yes then apologies for that but I checked all possible threads.

I need to sort my datatable first with 2 columns (data type String), then with date.

SortExcel.xlsx (16.7 KB)

I have already tried converting the datatable to dataview and sort the dataview(myView)

myView.sort = “Status,Desc,Delivery Date Asc”,

This dosent sort the date, any suggestions please.

What i want is to use a custom sort as below:



Check below thread to sort the data.


In addition to what @lakshman mentioned
Kindly try with this query in a ASSIGN activity to sort any number of columns of any type

datatablevariable = From x In datatablevariable.AsEnumerable() Order By convert.Tostring(x(“columnname1)”),convert.ToString(x(“columnname2”)) Select x).CopyToDataTable

Similarly we can include any other columns we want and if we want to sort integer instead of Convert.ToString mention as Convert.ToInt32

Cheers @ANSHUL

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