Sort data (VBA)?

I want to Sort Column F (largest to smallest) in CA no.
data sort.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Input :

I want output :

Please guide me about it (VBA , Macro)

Hello @fairymemay I would like to help, I just have one question, the sort will afect column C, E and F, what about the others columns you need them as they are?

@Manuel_Dominguez Yes, after sort affect column C,E and F only,

@fairymemay Let me create a workflow and I going to share with you

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@fairymemay Hello this is the workflow let me know if you have question, if thhis is the expected result please mark as solution, regards
data sort.xlsx (13.3 KB)
Sort Table.xaml (13.3 KB)
Just add the File path in the variable

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@Manuel_Dominguez Thank you.
But If I have data 500 Rows , it run more time.

How to solve it.

Do not worry @fairymemay , I created it to work with any number of rows, Just it is neccesary to have the same format, what I mean is a set of rows and then a row with the total amount, make a test whit more information and let me know, I will help you if something happen

@Manuel_Dominguez I have data 500 rows , it runtime 4 minute

Do you need less time?

@Manuel_Dominguez If you can do it.
But now output are perfect.

@fairymemay Share the file with 500 rows I will Try to improve it to make it faster

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@Manuel_Dominguez Find attached data as below.
data Filter3.xlsx (39.5 KB)

@fairymemay - Please check this
Sort_Amt.xaml (6.6 KB)

This runs in 1 sec…

@prasath17 Output are not correct.

I want output data same sheet output correct (some data)
data Filter3.xlsx (60.1 KB)

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