Some of the rules not listed in Workflow analyser

Hi team,

We are using the stable version of Uipath - 2019.10.5, where we are trying to set the rules inside workflow analsyer for code review persepctive,

i could notice some of the rules are missing in the list - such as ST-NMG-009,ST-USG-020 etc.

Could you explain me how should we get those rules within workflow analyser?


Hi @Kavin_Natarajan,
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I’m not sure what could happen. As I assume you are on Enterprise license. Please go ahead and report it to our Technical Support. Please don’t forget to share the solution here so others with similar issue can find solution as well :slight_smile:


Hi @Kavin_Natarajan,

we are using workflow analyzer in our organization. However, we have not observed missing of the rules(naming etc) mentioned in your post.

yes, there are few other rules though which everyone might not be able to see in the rules list as those are dependent on the packages/dependencies added in your project.

As an example, rule UX-DBP-029(Insecure Password Use) only becomes visible when package UIPATH.UIAUTOMATION.ACTIVITIES is added in the project.

Please note: this rule might not be visible after adding this dependency if you are using quite an older version of the package.

So, if you observe some rules missing, consider adding/upgrading the package associated to view corresponding rules.

Hope this info helps.


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