Some kind of GO TO activity in UiPath?

Hello, everybody,

Is there some kind of GO TO activity in UiPath?

I would like to implement the following process.

  1. assign a number to a variable.
  2. if the assigned number = 2, then an e-mail should be sent and the RPA bot should be terminated.
  3. if the number ≠ is 2, then further activities should follow.
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You can use a If condition:
In the condition you can add your expression (point#2)
In the Then branch you can add an sendMail followed by terminate and in the Else you can add point#3.

My process is in a state machine. By this I mean that there are many activities including an Invoke activity. It is not possible to simply move the activities in Else.

even in the case of state machines you can create your transition conditions and move accordingly.
what you want to add in your condition is up to you.

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The transitions always take effect at the end of the states. I have to get off in the middle of the state.

Probably I didn’t choose the architecture so happily.

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Its ok. But, well still you can use the if and else and add a variable that helps you transition to the next state. i guess its the same thing.
in the happy branch dont add anything and let it transition correctly while the other contains the remaining logic that is required.

There is always a way to create a handle that lets you achieve something by working around it :slight_smile:

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