SOLVED - Looping through an HTML Table to find a specific link to document

Hello great people of UI Community,

I’m trying to build a process to find a specific link to a document within an HTML table based on the aanames in two table columns. I am able to “hardcode” the actions I want for a specific Cause Number in a public web application and get the document downloaded. However, the table and where the specific document I need changes location (within the table) based on the Cause Number I choose.

Right now, I have the extract Structured Data running correctly with the columns I want long with the if statement logic working, but when the condition is met, I’m trying to use the ‘Click’ Activity to click on the link associated with the row my if condition is being met and it’s not working

This is my current selector for the ‘Click’ Activity - (I also have a counter running in my for each loop)

<webctrl parentid = 'DataGrid1' tag='A' colName = '1' tableRow='"+Counter.ToString()+"'/>

Below is the screen shot of the process flow, the website I’m using, and a sample Cause Number or Case #

Website (it’s a public website):

Cause Number to use: 201408170

Just needing a little help on this one guys

Have you initialised your row counter to the starting tablerow index??

Hi @Clayton_McKinney,

You could also try to use the Get Ancestor activity.

It will return all of the table elements and according to a specific condition you may click on the link as needed.

@Divyashreem and @acaciomelo thanks for the replies guys, but I got this to work, I had to edit the selector in the properties pane and it worked.