Snippets panel controls disabled

I have somehow managed to disable the top-level controls for my Snippets panel (i.e. expand all, collapse all, refresh, add folder). This prevents me from doing anything with snippets beyond using the default ones. How do I re-enable the controls?


Could you share screenshot? And if i may ask, where did you disable it from?

I just turned my laptop back on after several hours, and the problem has gone away now. I do not know how I disabled it, though I suspect it might be a bug or glitch with my install. I tried restarting before and it didn’t work, but this time the laptop was off for a while. I was able to get the buttons to work for a little while by resetting the Studio settings, but as soon as I changed any settings again, the buttons were greyed out and not clickable. If it happens again, I will put up a screenshot of it. Thanks for replying!

Great, Happy automation.