Hello guys,

I want to sent mail through outlook using SMPT, without configuring the outlook account on the system, is it possible.(No sent outlook mail activity)

If yes how can i do that.


Here you can find smtp settingns…try using them and check


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Hi @Gokul_Murali

You dont need to configure the account locally, but instead you will need to add the account within the properties


Hi @Gokul_Murali,

  1. Use “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity onto the workflow.
  2. In the Properties panel, enter the SMTP server details in the “Server” field.
  3. Enter the port number in the “Port”, “From” field.“To”, “Subject” , “Body”, “Username” and “Password” fields.

Steps are given below-

SMTP Server: smtp office365 com
Port: 587
Requires SSL: Yes
Requires TLS: Yes (if available)
Authentication: Yes (choose Login if multiple options available)
Username: Your full Outlook email address
Password: Your Outlook password (the same one you use to log in to the Outlook website)
Sending Limits: 300 emails a day or 100 recipients a day.

Rachel Gomez

Can anyone sent a sample flow related to this, and the settings need to change for this.

Iam getting error like this

Properties :-1:

Does anyone have the solution for this.

Error message :-1:

Send SMTP Mail Message: 5.7.3 STARTTLS is required to send mail [ZR2P278CA0049.CHEP278.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM 2023-03-08T06:16:25.590Z 08DB1C75F8D8E986]


Change the securecpnnection option from none to either tls or auto


i have changed the option to none.again the same issue,

Do i need to change any settings in outlook account.