Skip first child using Find Children activity

Hi all!

I’m using Find Children activity to get all the

elementes inside a Table. The problem is that I want to skip the first one. I mean, I have something like this:
**<TR>Level I want to Skip</TR>**
<TR>level 2 ok</tr>
<TR>level 3 ok</tr>
<TR>level 4 ok</tr>
<TR>level 5 ok</tr>

How can I do this?


from find children activity you will get an element Array.
consider that the array variable is elements you can skip 1st item by using elements.Skip(1)


Thanks, it works!

I have a question. It’s possible to incremente the skip element? I mean this:

For each Child in Children.element(Counter)
Counter = Counter +8

With this i want to indicate to look in the child Counter+8. I’m doing this but my skip action doesn’t take the value of the assign activity.


you increment the counter in for each activity. for each is differ from for loop. you can try this with while or do… while loop

Do you have any example using these functions in UiPath? I’ll apreciate them.



Hi, sorry for so many questions but i can’t understand this. I just tried it on my UiPath project but it doesn’t work. I have a For Each Child activity that get the cell that I want from the table. what i want is to increment the counter and that in the For Each activity it gets update. I attached an image of my activity.


And this is inside Element Scope after do everything I want.


The counter in the For Each doesn’t update but it updates in my Element Scope

Thanks in advance

in for each activity counter won’t work… this is a simple example

the output is
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

so, i have to use some other loop, like while or do..While. check this example

test.xaml (8.7 KB)

Thanks for your response! I just tried what you’re doing but some errors are showing up.
I attached images for better explanation
"Child" type in For Each activity:
ChildTest and Counter Type:

When I tried to do the same that i’m doing with for each but with Do While activity i get this error:

So what i tried was converting it into string and pasting it as selector like the following:

Everything was fine but when I test it, the following error appear:

How can i solve this?
I really appreciate your help, i don’t know what else to do.
Thanks in advance!

Child. Selector. ToString

Make sure that child variable data type is uipath.Core.uielement

I’ve just did that but now i get the error: The selector is not valid

can you share the workflow?