Sing-In Problem Uipath cloud platform

Good afternoon,

I have created a new free free UiPath Automation Cloud account. When I try to enter with the Microsoft option it throws me the following message and I cannot access.

"Oops! Something went wrong

An unknown error occurred. Please try again after a while. If the problem persists, please contact technical support."

Could you help me with this issue please?

Best regards

Hi @Elpepe_lerele

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I think @loginerror @Pablito can help you


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Thank you very much for your answer.
I hope @loginerror @Pablito can help me to solve the problem.
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Hi @Elpepe_lerele,
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Can you check if normal option with login by email is working for you?

Hi @Pablito

Thanks for your help

This option it’s not working for me. I can only acces with microsoft option if I try to use email option it throws me an error “Invalid email address or password”.

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Please send me on private message the email address you have used to cloud platform. I will check it with proper team.

Sorry @Pablito I don´t know how can i send you a private message.

How can i do?

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I opened PM to you. You can answer there :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

@Elpepe_lerele can you please try signing in again with Microsoft ( We deployed a fix that might have fixed your scenario. Thanks.

Hi Mircea

Sorry but the problem still continues. I can`t access.

kind regards

Hi @calin.popa

Could yoy help me with the acces problem please?

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@Elpepe_lerele please collect a HAR trace and share it with @Pablito