Show linked Job history for long running Jobs in the Queue history view


Could you please consider adding job/run history on the long-running jobs Queue item:

It would be very helpful if we could have a hyperlink to the job logs linked to the Queue Item and also see how many times the job has resumed while the Queue still in pending state.

I have a challenge where the bot processes about 4000 transactions in a day and when I need to investigate why a queue item is abandoned or still InProgress after 24hour I need to find its specific jobs by searching through thousands or jobs, I would look at the times and try to locate the job and that takes a lot of my time.

I help solve this with the Queue Item comments.
I add the Job ID as a comment to a queue item when I start a transaction which makes tracking the job trivial.
Accessing the job ID natively isn’t possible (I use a custom activity I made) so perhaps you can use something else as the comment to help identify it? Perhaps the machine name and the start time of the job?

Hi @Jon_Smith

Thanks for your response.

I am not sure if this would work for my case, I have 6 production bots/machines.
So any of the 6 can initiate the job and then it goes to the suspended state, any one of the 6 can resume the job and finally, any of the 6 could complete the job. So filtering by job or machine will not help me investigate when I need to. Normally I have to look through all job logs to try and locate a specific job logs.

You may find that when the job is complete, it had been executed 30 times by different bots. Esentially the job will only be completed once a user has completed the classification in Action Center, every 3 minutes the job runs to check if the item is complete in AC, and the job is not ran by a specific bot everytime it could be any of the 6.

Hey @SenzoD

Sonething similar - Log view for queue items


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Fair enough, machine name indeed won’t help, but the job start time still could be of some kind of use I think? If you make the very first thing the bot does is get the date time stamp it will be pretty close to the actual start time and help narrow your search. As I mentioned, the Job ID is ideal, but UiPath still don’t expose that (no idea why).

Regarding polling the action center, I find this odd. Why not just use the wait for task action complete activity so the job will resume on its own when the action is complete…?

The wait task action complete is a great suggestion, thanks Jon.

I am supporting projects that were built a while back, I believe either the guys that built the process were not aware of these activities or the activities were not available at the time.

Thank you I will consider updating the processes to use the wait task complete activities, this will save a lot of bot time.

Great, I did not see this, I will just mark this one as resolved and comment on yours.

Thanks @Nithinkrishna

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Cool @SenzoD :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:

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