Should Stop Activity Problem

Hi , I want send Should Stop signal to working robot from another robot. Can ı do it without use Orchestrator Http Requests. ıf certainly ı must use Orchestrator Http Request Where can i find documentation about how to use Orchestrator Http Request Activity with example.

Thank You.

Have you tried the “Stop Job” activity found in version 2018?

I have not used this activity, so not sure how well it works.

Hey ClaytonM,
Stop Job Activity need Input a Value kind of OrchestratorJob and ı have no idea about how can i convert Transaction Item to OrchestratorJob. İ think the two are different things. :slight_smile:

I bet you need to use the “Get Jobs” activity and filter to the one(s) you want to stop, then run them through a For Each with the “Stop Job” inside. - I don’t have any examples on me though.

Yesi First, I thought this idea too even i’ve been tried but I got an error when using Get Jobs Activity with this message :
“Message: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Forbidden’
Exception Type: Microsoft.Rest.HttpOperationException”
maybe you know why ı am gettin this error.
Thank you.

I am not sure, like I said, I have not used these activities. However, I found this by searching:

Let me know if that helps solve it.


I am sorry.I have already tried it and İt didnt solve my problem but thank you for your helping man.I’m grateful.

@Fukan_Ince How about something simple. Create common asset ShouldFirstRobotStop and make in first robot in “should stop” activity condition looking on this asset. Than second robot can set this asset to true.

Yes , so you say create your custom should stop signal its sensible and it can work , i have tried before. But I have to create asset for every robot it doesnt sound like a effective way(especially if you have so much robots) but ofcourse it is my last option so Thank you for your helping man.