SharePoint list lookup field value retrieval

Hello everybody,

I am using the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities Package to access the contents of a SharePoint list.

I want to retrieve the content of a field, number 38. This has the field type lookup.

With ListItem.Fields(38).Value.ToString the value 1 is returned. In the SharePoint list the value “Test1” is visible.

How can the value visible in the SharePoint list be returned?


The following might help you.


I created a Dictionary Of String, Object and put the values in.
The result is a 1 as value in the dictionary.


Is there “Test1” at any other value in the dictionary?


No, the field content is unique in this line.

This is how the field looks in SharePoint.

This is what else I found out. Depending on which content is selected in the SharePoint list, a different value is delivered. Everything is there, from 1 to 10.

It seems that the value is maybe also a kind of dictionary. Where the 1 corresponds to Test1.

Theoretically I can work with a mapping here, but it would be a workaround.

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