Setting Up UiPathCLI


I am currently trying to setup Ui Path CLI for my system but I keep running into the error: “uipcli.exe - This application could not be started.”. I am unable to get it to work on any of my Windows 10 machines or a Window 10 VM (They all produce the same error).

I downloaded the cli from: uipath-dev - UiPath.CLI 1.0.7985.19721 | MyGet

which I found from this repository: GitHub - UiPath-Services/UiPath-DevOps-Scripts

Things I’ve tried:

  • Running on different machines (Tried on 3 different machines, 2 physical, 1 vm)
  • Running as admin
  • Installing Studio community
  • Updating .Net
  • Downloading using the different methods specified

I was wondering if anyone had a solution for this or could point me in the right direction of getting it setup.