Set text activity does not produce the expected result

for a daily automation I use the set text activity to insert a string into a field in the browser. The string is changing every day but always has a length of 5 characters. Most of the times the value is inserted into the field correctly, sometimes, however, it is scrambled (e.g. instead of correct “abcde” it results in “bcdea”). I’m sure that the input string is correct but am not sure what else could be going wrong in the automation or the browser UI element, so I appreciate any help and guidance.

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Hi @mjw

as far as I know the “Set Text” activity is using the SimulateType setting by default.
What happens if you try the “Type Into” activity with SimulateType = False?

Hi @RoboHeart,
I already tested other input methods, but set text was the one that best fit the requirements (run on VM, etc.). I kind of get the difference between the input methods, but am not sure what they mean in terms of reliability and don’t quite understand why and where something might go wrong :wink:


You are right. Sometimes it is really tough to find the root cause.
Also in your case it is hard to judge because we do not know what you’ve already tried and what settings you used.

If you ever found some investigation results on reliability of the available activities in relation to the software what needs to be controlled, please let me know. I am also interested these kind of knowledge. :+1:t2:

I can imagine that even the system hardware could have an influence…I hope reliable statistics will follow…

Nevertheless…in some cases it could help to give the system just a bit more time for proper execution.

hi @mjw

can you put a log message before using set text (so that we can get to know whether the issue is with set text activity )and before using set text activity , clear the data in that field by passing string.empty value

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