Set Book Mark Content

Hi Team,

I was trying to fetch some details from an excel file and add them in a word file. However, I’m facing issues as the word file contains duplicate entries. for an example, if I’m to replace the word “NAME”, it replaces all words that contains “name”, where my requirement is just to update an one. Then tried book mark the “NAME” and replace is using ‘set Book Mark content’ activity. But now it says it can’t find the book mark. However, when I’m check the document it’s available. could you please help me to solve this?

Hi, if you want to replace Name , with another word , you can set the property at which occurance you want to replace NAME

Hi Vinay,

Could you please tell me which activity I can use to specify the occurrence? I was trying with ‘Replace Text’ activity which just has 'Replace ’ and ‘Search’ as the properties.