Separate first name and last name, help!

Hello everyone,

I have a string of characters which contains first name and last name like this examples :

  • LACRY jean 123243 (the first name is always upper word, the last name is lower word ,the last number is an ID )
  • KRAN laris monica 23455 (the last name is a composition of two words)
    So my goal is to get First name in a variable and the last name in an other variable, Can someone help me please!!! :pleading_face:
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Hi @amougari,
You could use regex for this:




you can use regular expressions

for first name match pattern [A-Z]+
for second name, [a-z ]+
dont forget to uncheck “IgnoreCase” in RegexOptionMain.xaml (6.4 KB)

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@farhan94 @Pablito Thank you it’s working :grin:

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