SendOutlookMail - Data file cannot be found

While sending an email using SendOutlookMail Activity after sending a few emails it throws the below exception:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8004011D): Cannot create the e-mail message because a data file to send and receive messages cannot be found. Check your settings in this Microsoft Outlook profile. In Microsoft Windows, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. Click User Accounts, and then click Mail. Click Show Profiles, select this profile, and then click Properties.

What must be the possible reason? As it throws error after sending a few emails.

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for better understanding please provide the screen shot of the error.

mean while check below link if it can help


Here is the complete log details:


Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


I remember there being some settings in your Outlook profile, that controls whether all data is being stored locally in a data file (more than the usual shadow copy) or not. Triggering this setting helped with a similar problem for us.

Which Outlook version are you using, than I could send you a screenshot of that settings pane.

@kc-x I am using outlook 2016


Did you achieve to solve this issue?

I started getting this error since new year’s in a process that was running without issues… It’s weird it comes after sending few emails (in my case after 22/30 emails)

I tried to configure again Outlook account with no sucess :S


Hi @jmedinacarbonell,

I am also facing similar sort of problem, were you able to resolve this?