Sending Filtered excel data to different mailing address

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I am currently facing issues with building my RPA.

I have to copy data from 4 separate excel files into a consolidated excel file before filtering the results based on name and sending them to the respective email addresses. This process has to be continued till all email addresses has been sent with the filtered excel file based on their respective names. How should i go about doing this?


Hi @stewie ,

I have same solution, from multi csv file to excel file
all of them are data table

Can you share your file?
I will code for you

Hello @stewie

For Each emailRow in EmailAddressesDataTable
1. Open Excel Files
2. Read Data from Excel Files
3. Consolidate Data
4. Filter Data Based on emailRow.Name
5. Send Email to emailRow.EmailAddress with filtered data
End For

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To get a clearer picture, these are the steps that are required:

  1. read 4 separate CSV files and merge all the info into 4 separate worksheets within a common excel file
  2. Filter the 4 separate worksheets within the consolidated list based on a separate excel file that contains a list of customer names and send out an email to the respective account manager
  3. repeat the process till all the accounts have been covered

is this achievable using studioX?

Yes, we can complete by StudioX

Sample (18.0 KB)

Please refer to the sample file. I have to filter each of the worksheets in the consolidated file according to the customer code found in the customer reference list and send it to the respective email address (i.e. filter results based on BMW01 for all sheets and send to their email). This has to be repeated till all customer code has been sent.