Send raw JSON text in HTTP Request activity

I want to get authed by my REST Api. That works in Postman with this Body that is sending a raw JSON.


But how am I able to send raw JSON with the HTTP Request activity?

I’m just able to send usual Post parameters.

But my REST Api service does not allow that. I really have to use raw JSON.

How to achieve that with that that activity? Or do I have to use a curl command instead?

@kwoxer - for a raw json -
create a variable and assign your json string - then assign the string variable toHttpRequest ->body property.

ex: you variable as requestBody = {β€œβ€œusername””:β€œβ€+variableUser+β€œβ€,β€œβ€œpassword””:β€œβ€+variablePassword+β€œβ€}

HttpRequest β†’ Properties β†’
Body β†’ assign requestBody variable
AcceptFormat > JSON

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Ok cool, changing BodyFormat worked out.

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