Send Outlook Mail message body

Helllo i need help in send outlook mail message activity.

Like I have assign one variable ,
ArticleName = “F AA 22”

then I used send outlook mail activity so in body part I need to right this message,

This is automatic generated mail,

Your Article number is : [assign variable]

Your RPA Robot.

so, can you say which type I can write this mail? because in this mail 4 lines and also in the middle space and also one assigned variable. so, can you provide me with that answer?

Hey @rAE_rAS

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Can you take a look at this post.

Combined with String.Replace you can achieve what you need. Take a look at here:

Hopefully this helps.



"This is automatic generated mail,\n\nYour Article number is : " + assignvariable + “\n\nregards, \n Your RPA Robot.”

Thank you for your replay

Not working bro

What Mail activity are you using?

Is your email body Using HTML?


Assign :
ArticleName = “F AA 22”

Assign :
Str = String.Format(“This is automatic generated mail,”+vbLf+vbLf+“Your Article number is : [{0}]”+vbLf+vbLf+“regards,”+vbLf+
“Your RPA Robot.”,ArticleName)

Then pass Str Variable to Property Body of Mail.

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